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Riverside Bowl holds an in-house unsanctioned league following the guidelines set out by the BTPBA (British Ten Pin Bowling Association – Teams choose 4 players to compete each week over a 15-game fixture. We are looking to stat a Singles League in January 2020.

If you would like more information about our Bowling League, or to register a team, please contact Amy Hickey on


Members Introduction

This page holds all the current league season information that you will need to know. Scores will be updated each week after each game night. Make up games may not appear until the following week.

Please ensure to submit your 4 players for each week by the Monday prior to each game to ensure that handicaps are calculated correctly ready for game night. Handicaps will run on a rolling average on all league games played, starting with a 3-game average for new players.

If you have any queries about the scores, or any questions about the league please contact Amy Hickey on

Scores / League Table

Please Note: All teams must be submitted on the Monday before your scheduled game!

 Team NameGames PlayedWonLostTotal PinfallTeam AverageHSGHHG
Spare No One452019938041780713909
Split Happens4516613433254672605805
The Replicants4516413633727659515785
Lucky Strikes4513916134385690597819
Alley Cats4511118929729579468731
Jolly Boys337822221079418499725

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LanePointsTeam NameRound 1 - 18/09/2019Team NamePointsLane
13Jolly Boys vLucky Strikes172
518Spare No OnevAlley Cats26
37Split HappensvThe Replicants134
LanePointsTeam NameRound 2 - 25/09/2019Team NamePointsLane
13Jolly Boys vThe Replicants172
317Spare No OnevSplit Happens34
54Alley CatsvLucky Strikes166
LanePointsTeam NameRound 3 - 02/10/2019Team NamePointsLane
111Split HappensvJolly Boys92
313Lucky StrikesvSpare No One74
514The ReplicantsvAlley Cats66
LanePointsTeam NameRound 4 - 09/10/2019Team NamePointsLane
111Alley CatsvJolly Boys92
313The ReplicantsvSpare No One74
55Lucky StrikesvSplit Happens156
LanePointsTeam NameRound 5 - 16/10/2019Team NamePointsLane
110Jolly BoysvSpare No One102
310Split HappensvAlley Cats104
59Lucky StrikesvThe Replicants116
LanePointsTeam NameRound 6 - 30/10/2019Team NamePointsLane
112Jolly BoysvLucky Strikes82
312Spare No OnevAlley Cats84
57Split HappensvThe Replicants136
LanePointsTeam NameRound 7 - 06/11/2019Team NamePointsLane
111Jolly BoysvThe Replicants92
318Spare No OnevSplit Happens24
516Alley CatsvLucky Strikes46
LanePointsTeam NameRound 8 - 13/11/2019Team NamePointsLane
118Split HappensvJolly Boys22
31Lucky StrikesvSpare No One194
59The ReplicantsvAlley Cats116
LanePointsTeam NameRound 9 - 20/11/2019Team NamePointsLane
14Alley CatsvJolly Boys162
38The ReplicantsvSpare No One124
57Lucky StrikesvSplit Happens136
LanePointsTeam NameRound 10 - 27/11/2019Team NamePointsLane
14Jolly BoysvSpare No One162
311Split HappensvAlley Cats94
511Lucky StrikesvThe Replicants96
LanePointsTeam NameRound 11 - 08/01/2020Team NamePointsLane
10Jolly BoysvLucky Strikes122
315Spare No One vAlley Cats54
513Split HappensvThe Replicants76
LanePointsTeam NameRound 12 - 15/01/2020Team NamePointsLane
10Jolly BoysvThe Replicants122
38Spare No One vSplit Happens124
59Alley CatsvLucky Strikes116
LanePointsTeam NameRound 13 - 22/01/2020Team NamePointsLane
112Split HappensvJolly Boys02
37Lucky StrikesvSpare No One134
515The ReplicantsvAlley Cats56
LanePointsTeam NameRound 14 - 29/01/2020Team NamePointsLane
112Alley CatsvJolly Boys02
33The ReplicantsvSpare No One174
58Lucky StrikesvSplit Happens126
LanePointsTeam NameRound 15 - 05/02/2020Team NamePointsLane
10Jolly BoysvSpare No One122
320Split HappensvAlley Cats04
510Lucky StrikesvThe Replicants106


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